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FPNU Launches Its First National Training Program on Vocational Education

Author: Date:2022-04-08 Hots:

On April 7, FPNU held the online opening ceremony of 2021 Fujian Provincial Standardized Training for Novice Vocational Teachers. This is the first national vocational teacher training project that FPNU has undertaken. Professor Chen Zhiyong, Director of Fujian Vocational Teacher Training Center and Vice President of FPNU, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. A total of 100 new teachers from 49 vocational colleges and universities in Fujian province, as well as the heads of the School of Continuing Education and the School of Education of FPNU, attended the ceremony.

Vice President Chen first warmly welcomed all the trainees and briefly introduced the basic situation, school-running characteristics and future development ideas of FPNU. He said that this is the first national training project on vocational education that FPNU runs, and FPNU attaches great importance to it. Sticking to the training plan, FPNU has set up a specialized management team, carefully designed the courses, and invited excellent lecturers to ensures the quality of the training. He pointed out that FPNU has been making every effort to build a vocational teacher training center in Fujian Province to contribute to vocational teacher training, striving to play a more important role in leading the development of vocational education colleges and universities in the province. He hoped that the trainees would cherish the training opportunity, switch their roles to teachers, formulate sound plans and concentrate on the training, so as to make a good start in their vocational education careers with excellent academic results. The implementation of the plan for improving the quality of teachers in vocational colleges and universities is not only an important measure for the national vocational education reform, and but also a practical need of accelerating the construction of a modern vocational education system with Fujian characteristics. The standardized training project for novice vocational teachers, which is undertaken by FPNU, is one of the concerns of the 2021 plan for improving the quality of vocational college and university teachers. Revolving around the theme of Fostering Virtue through Education and Promoting Rounded Development of Students and Striding towards the Dream of Vocational Education, the project adopts a combination of centralized training, online teaching, school-based training, and on-the-job internships under the guidance of distinguished teachers to carry out no less than eight weeks’ teacher training, which contains no less than 320 class hours. After the opening ceremony, Vice President Chen Zhiyong gave the first counseling report entitled "Foster Virtue, Strengthen Skills, and Develop Abilities - The Growth Path of Young Vocational Teachers from the Perspective of High-quality Development of Vocational Education" for the trainees. (School of Continuing Education, School of Education/Photo by Chen Xiang)


(Translated by Chen Luping

/ Reviewed by Xu Qinliang)