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The Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Our University Jointly Held the New Overseas Chinese Representative Symposium and the Technical Talent Matchmaking Meeting

Author: Date:2022-04-14 Hots:

On the afternoon of April 13, the New Overseas Chinese Representatives Symposium and Technical Talent Matchmaking Meeting jointly organized by the Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and our university was successfully held under the strict epidemic prevention and control.

Lai Hairong, Secretary of FPNU Party Committee, introduced the current situation and future blueprint of our university. He pointed out that, as a university founded in a hometown of overseas Chinese, FPNU has integrated the wisdom and hard work of the older generation of overseas Chinese into its establishment and development. Now in its critical period of the new round of entrepreneurship, FPNU looks forward to taking overseas Chinese as a bridge to prosperity, bringing together  power of all walks of life and promoting the high-quality development of its career.

Liao Shenji, President of FPNU, introduced the work of our university in recent years in promoting the spirit of overseas Chinese, promoting overseas Chinese-school cooperation, expanding overseas Chinese-related resources, conducting overseas Chinese-related research, and serving overseas Chinese. And he made a specific description of the relevant work submitted to the Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese for support.

At the symposium, Lin Hongxiu, Chairman and President of Rongqiao Group, recalled the entrustment of his father, the famous patriotic overseas Chinese Lin Wenjing, “We are from Fuqing, and we  are for Fuqing”. He called on the new overseas Chinese to pay attention to the cultural roots and language education of their ancestral countries, and he called for strengthening cultural and educational exchanges between Indonesia and China to promote people-to-people bonds.

On the same day, the unveiling ceremony of our university’s “Research Center for Overseas Chinese and Chinese Nation Community” was held. (Party and Administration Office, Publicity Department of FPNU Party Committee, The United Front Work Department of FPNU Party Committee, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange)


(Translated by Tang Huan

/Reviewed by Ye Chenjun)