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Lai Hairong, Secretary of FPNU Party Committee, Led A Team to Fujian Longwang Group for Visit and Investigation

Author: Date:2022-04-22 Hots:

On the afternoon of April 21st, as the first stop of this year's special campaigns of "Expanding Posts and Promoting Employment through the  Visit to Enterprises by the Secretary and the President", Lai Hairong, Secretary of FPNU Party Committee, led a team to Fujian Longwang Group. Xue Bin, President of Longwang Group and Chairman of Longwang Cultural Tourism Group, warmly welcomed Secretary Lai Hairong and his party. Heads of Office of Student Work, Academic Affairs Office, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, School of Economics and Management, School of Culture, Media and Law, and School of Foreign Languages attended the relevant activities.

Secretary Lai Hairong visited Longwang Group to learn about its corporate culture, development model, post setting, talent demand and the performance of alumni working in the enterprise.

At the symposium, Secretary Lai introduced FPNU’s history and positioning of personnel training. He said that FPNU attaches great importance to the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates, and will further expand the school-enterprise cooperation. The cooperation will give full play to the advantage of both schools and enterprises, focus on personnel training, optimize major settings, deepen the integration of industry and education, and innovate the cooperation mechanism, in order to realize resource sharing and complementary advantages, strive to create a new situation of school enterprise cooperation to improve quality and efficiency, and promote the fuller and higher quality employment of our graduates.

President Xue Bin and the managers of the group fully recognized the effectiveness of personnel training of FPNU, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on employment and entrepreneurship of FPNU.

The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on school-enterprise project research, personnel training program design, order-orientated cultivation of talents, and student internship training.

In order to implement the decision-making and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the employment of college graduates, and the notification requirements of the Education Department of Fujian Province and Ministry of Education on the special campaign of “Expanding Posts and Promoting Employment through the Visit to Enterprises by the Secretary and the President of the College”, as well as further implement the "Top Leader" project of graduates employment, FPNU comprehensively launched the special campaign. In the next stage, by visiting industrial parks, innovation and entrepreneurship incubation parks, key industry enterprises, and vocational colleges and alumni enterprises, FPNU will play an exemplary role in taking the lead in the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates, explore employment channels, tap job resources, build a market-oriented and socialized employment mechanism for graduates, and drive the full participation of the school in the employment of graduates. At the same time, FPNU will further optimize and adjust the majors structure, deepen education and teaching reform, continuously improve the service level of personnel training and employment and entrepreneurship guidance, and strive to promote graduates' fuller and higher-quality employment and entrepreneurship through investigating the social needs, establishing employment practice bases, and collecting opinions and suggestions from employers and alumni. (Office of Student Work)


(Translated by Lin Huiming

/ Reviewed by Xu Qinliang)