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The Unveiling Ceremony of the Fujian Province-Indonesia Marine Food Joint R&D Center was Held in FPNU

Author: Date:2022-04-23 Hots:

On the afternoon of April 22, the unveiling ceremony of the Fujian Province-Indonesia Marine Food Joint Research and Development Center was held in FPNU. The center is a scientific and technological innovation platform for the "Belt and Road" foreign cooperation in Fujian Province jointly established by FPNU, Bogor Agricultural University, and Indonesia IPMI International Business School.

Liao Shenji, President of FPNU, pointed out that the establishment of the joint R&D center is an essential action for FPNU to actively integrate and serve the "Belt and Road" construction and the implementation of the "Two countries, Twin Parks" project between China and Indonesia. The joint R&D center will provide support for FPNU to focus on industrial needs, strengthen resource integration, deepen the industry-university-research cooperation, accelerate the launch of a number of landmark achievements of scientific research, promote the transfer and transformation of such achievements, better serve the development of Fujian's marine economy and food industry and promote the collaborative innovation of the marine economy industry in Fujian Province.

Zhang Jinxiong, President of the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, praised FPNU's achievements in recent years in giving full play to the ties with Overseas Chinese and focusing on Indonesia to carry out educational, technological and cultural exchanges and cooperation. He said that amity between people holds the key to the sound relations between states, and the young are the future of the world. He expects the universities of the two countries to build a platform to promote the mutual learning and sharing of young students, so as to apply what they have learned and build a better future together. He said that the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce will continue to support the cooperation and exchanges between the universities of the two countries, and jointly promote the "Belt and Road" construction and the implementation of the "Two countries, Twin Parks " project with FPNU.

At the unveiling ceremony, the website of the Joint R&D Center was officially launched. The joint R&D center signed cooperation agreements with Saneheld (Fuqing) Food Co., Ltd. and Fujian Yuguan Food Co., Ltd. respectively. (Office of Science and Research, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, School of Food and Bioengineering/ Photographed by Ouyang Nankai and Dai Chunxiang)


(Translated by Li Jingrui

/Reviewed by Ye Chenjun)